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Big Bens/Sandstorm #9
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Here is a nice larger sized goggle that still does not completly overpower your face in sheer real-estate as some other big goggles are prone to do. Sandstorm Goggles are "the" pinnacle in dust and wind killing power, and give the wearer the ability to match the right lens to the time of day and light-levels available. Get a Dark-Smoke Sandstorm for those bright sunny days with 100% UV rating and Anti-fog Lenses. Or a clear or yellow lens version for fog or nightime applications. You choose. Sandstorm goggles are also made of shatterproof polycarbonate so the also protect as well as shield your eyes. Sandstorm Goggles will also accomodate small wireframe glasses too. (Note: I have found that one particular style of aviator glasses refuses to fit inside Sandstorms. If you wear aviators, and you are considering the Sandstorms solution, then take a look at the frame of your glasses (see pics below). If you have only one nose-bridge you are OK! However, if your glasses feature a double-nose bridge, then Sandstorms may not work for you)