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Chicago 24 Photochromatic #4
Chicago 24 Photochromatic #4 Quantity in Basket: None
Code: C2P
Price: $39.95
Shipping Weight: 0.01 pounds
Have you been looking for a sweet light changing photochromatic Lens Padded Sunglasses Solution? Well check out these new additions to the MaximumEyewear line of My-Tee-Fine products. Made by Global Vision Eyewear these Biker wraps blend an awesome array of features to make your life on the road that much easier. The Chicago 24 Biker wrap is made for small to average sized faces and work just as well for men or women. The versatility of photochromic lenses is that they can be worn day and night as they scale in brightness to the surrounding available daylight, which means during the heat of the day the lenses will turn dark smoke and protect you from the bright light and as it gets darker outside the lenses will begin to automatically lighten up to either clear or yellow for use at night time, the tint depending on whether or not you purchased the Yellow to Smoke or Clear to Smoke Chicago 24 Lenses. As a rule of thumb, yellow is good for those real dark night-rides in urban areas where you wont find a lot of streetlights (this is why many truckers like yellow lenses) whilst clear lenses are well suited for night drives in the city where the brightness of streetlamps can make yellow overpowering to some, but again this has a lot to do with personal preference. Chicago 24 Photochromatic Lens Padded Motorcycle Sunglasses by Global Vision Eyewear also sport Impact scratch resistant lenses that are imbued with 100% UV400 Ultra Violet Light Protection. Tie all that up with a foam padded wrap around frame for unparalleled protection from the wind, flying creatures and all manner of dust-devils and you're ready to get some wind in your hair.