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High Beam LED Sunglasses
High Beam LED Sunglasses Quantity in Basket: None
Code: HBLS
Price: $28.00
Shipping Weight: 0.01 pounds
If you are anything like me and your always looking for a flashlight which can almost never be found and when you finally do find them the batteries are invariably shot then check these Highbeam LED Flashlight Sunglasses out. These things are THE BEST solution I have found if the aforementioned scenario about the flashlight rings even only half a bell. For some reason, I never loose these guys, I guess because unlike a bulky flashlight they take up very small space on my desk where I keep them and the lithium batteries that power the 2 side mounted forward facing LED's just never seem to run out of juice, not to say that they cant and eventually wont lol but mine have been going strong for 3 months now. The second real cool feature is you get the miners helmet benefit, which basically means your hands are free to do whatever needs doing but your headlights iluminate wherever you happen to be looking. Add to that polycarbonate shatterproof clear lenses, a wrap around design to protect you from debris and you have everything you need. Also let me tell you they put out a real nice surprisingly strong foreward illuminating light so no more fumbling in the dark coners of your house with a flashlight in your mouth and trying to plug that lamp into that !@#$!! Plug lol. And yes, they give you UV 400 100% Ultraviolet light protection to seal the deal. High Beam LED Head Mounted Lighting System... C'mon you NEED these, trust me :)