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Polarized Airfoil Goggles #12
Polarized Airfoil Goggles #12 Quantity in Basket: None
Code: PAG
Price: $29.95
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Finally, a Polarized Goggle with Interchangeable Lenses! With these goggles you get the best of all worlds. For bright sunny days on the road or even on the boat you simply cannot beat the glare-cutting power of a polarized lens. These goggles are high quality durable AIRFOIL brand goggles that feature Impact Resistant Anti-Fog UV-400 Lenses and custom side vents. Nice cushioned foam seals out air and debris. For night-time rides, snap out the polarized lenses and pop in the clear blue low-light condition lenses without missing a beat. Then when things get too bright put the polarized lenses back into the frame and off you go. And fishermen, nothing will stay on your head like these goggles when things are rockin and rollin out at sea. So grab a pair today, squint no more and perhaps you'll spot that monster fish gliding over the bottom instead of an eyeful of blinding glare!!!! Polarized Goggles come complete with a belt case and clip.