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Pixie Petites #81
Pixie Petites  #81 Quantity in Basket: None
Code: PP0
Price: $18.00
Shipping Weight: 0.01 pounds
For all gals out their that have been feverishly looking for small ladies sunglasses that are sassy, fresh and fashionable, plese turn your adoring eyes on these little gems. Our Pixie Petite sunglasses are for all the ladies who are pulling their hair out trying to find some small hip sunglasses that will fit them well, are not overpowering to the rest of their features and compliment nearly every outfit and attire they may choose to wear with them. Pixie Petites neutral yet complimentary style will make you smile for years to come. They really are some sweet little sunglasses. Also, just beacause they happened to be a smaller sunglass, do not sell them short in the features department so I emply you to take a second look. UV 400 lenses give you 100% Ultraviolet protection from the suns harmful rays. Polycarbonate lenses are of tough composition and will protect you from stray flying debris, plus gradient lenses afford plenty of squinting protection no matter what the lighting conditions. So let our Pixie Petites endear themselves to you, you will love these stylish clever little sunglasses and will be glad to find them amongst your other wonderful fashion accesories. Pixie Petite sunglasses also have real wooden smooth polishes temples and are available in either a smoke or brown gradient lens.