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Red Devil Goggles
Red Devil Goggles Quantity in Basket: None
Code: RDG
Price: $28.95
Shipping Weight: 0.01 pounds
Red Devils Vampire Ghoul Freak Cyber Goth Goggles are great for Parties, Raves, Riding Your Motorcycle WHILE YOUR SKULL'S ON FIRE, Runnin Through the Funhouse, Big-Foot Hunting, Rocketing through the Space/Time Continium and are a total scream if you should find yourself suddenly and for no explainable reason chasing your Boss through the cubicle maze with that dull old splitting Axe thats been rotting in your garden shed for the last decade ROFL !!! Dark and Ominous, these black as night murder death kill goggles will impart to you that edge of your seat Psychotic look like Vin Diesel gore-a-fies in that timeless horror- fest Pitch Black. Red Devil's also Feature Red Lenses and three additional interchangeable Dark Smoke, Green, and Night Application Yellow Lens Options. Add 100% total UV coverage and Polycarbonate Shatterproof Lenses and your eyeballs are shielded no matter how deep or dank the Cellars and Catacombs of your Zombie-Slaying and Phantom Haunts... Ahem... Hunts become. Red Devil's Blood Red Lens Goggles... these suckers will put you on Mars !!!