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Guy Fieri Chrome Silver Sunglasses

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$ 18.00

Cool Silver Sunglasses worn by Guy Fieri

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Guy Fieri Sunglasses

Guy Fieri "Inspired" Chrome Sunglasses


Youve seen him on Food Network chowing down on all kinds of mouth watering grub. From New York, to Houston to L.A. and every hole in the wall in between guy fiery spreads his omnipresence with quirky style and pizazz. So if you wanna spread a little bit of the Faith of Guy, then wrap your noodle in a pair of these awesome, rockin blow your socks off chrome inspired sunglasses made beautiful by the man himself. You probably wont look as good as Guy Fieri in these but hey who knows, at least youll be in funk sway with the master of culinary disaster :) Guy Fieri chrome sunglasses feature lenses with a shatterproof polycarbonate coating that will keep your eyeballs safe from all manner of flying kitchen debris. Oh and by the way, they also make excellent wrap around safty lens motorcycle sunglasses to boot. ( Note: These Guy Fieri "Inspired" Sunglasses are not made of metal, but Polysterene Nylon with a vaccum chrome finish for great strength and flexibility )

  • Maximum 100% UV Protection
  • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lens
  • Full wrap-around design
  • Like Sunglasses worn by the Gy Fieri

Style Options
  • Chome w/Dark Mirrored Lens

Chrome w/Dark Mirrrored Lens

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