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Sons of Anarchy is the story of the Teller-Morrow family of Charming, California, as well as the other members of Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO), their families, various Charming townspeople, and the various rivals and associates who undermine or support SAMCRO's legal and illegal enterprises. Sons of Anarchy follows the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club but also features a number of ally and rival gangs, such as the Mayans, the Calaveras, Devil's Tribe, the Grim Bastards, the 1-9ers, Nords, True IRA, Aryan Brotherhood (AB's), and a white separatist group called the League of American Nationalists (LOAN).

Main cast

Recurring guest stars


Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale Average Ratings DVD/Blu-ray Release Date
Season One 13 September 3, 2008 November 26, 2008 2.21 million [3] August 18, 2009
Season Two 13 September 8, 2009[4] December 1, 2009 3.67 million [3] August 31, 2010
Season Three 13 September 7, 2010[5] November 30, 2010 3.23 million October 31, 2011[6] [British release date]


The Sons of Anarchy (SOA) is an outlaw motorcycle club with many chapters in the United States and overseas. The show focuses on the original and founding charter, Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original,[7] referred to by the acronym SAMCRO. [8] or Sam Crow. This nickname is also reflected in the original title of the show, Forever Sam Crow.[9] The Redwood charter is headquartered in Charming, California, in a clubhouse adjacent to the Teller-Morrow auto mechanic shop. Led by President Clay Morrow, the club protects and controls Charming through close community relationships, bribery and violent intimidation.

Club members wear vests known as cuts or kuttes (jacket with the sleeves cut off). The SOA patch on the back is a grim reaper wielding an AR-15 with a bloody blade and holding a crystal ball with the anarchy "A". Only full members can wear the "patch". Other smaller patches on the vest stand for different things, examples being "Men Of Mayhem", which is worn by club members who have spilled blood on the club's behalf, and "First 9", worn by the original nine members of SOA. Jax has also worn a baseball cap that says "Reaper Crew", and at least two female characters affiliated with the club (Gemma, Tara) have crow tattoos. The Sons ride customized motorcycles of various types. Club members have "day jobs" in local industries, most of them working at the Teller-Morrow garage, but they primarily make money by illegally importing weapons, modifying and selling them to various gangs along with protection runs for local businesses by protecting valuable truck shipments from hijacking.

SAMCRO keeps meth traffickers and drug dealers out of Charming, which puts them at odds with the meth-distributing white supremacist Nords, headed by Ernest Darby. SAMCRO also has to deal with a rival Oakland-based motorcycle club (MC), the Mayans led by Marcus Alvarez (who also features in The Shield episode 2, season 2). Other groups in SAMCRO's orbit include the San Francisco�based Chinese mafia Lin Triad, led by Henry Lin, the Italian American Cacuzza crime family, the True IRA of Ireland, which supplies them with illegal Russian-made guns, the "One-Niners", an African American street gang (who also appeared on The Shield, thus possibly putting the two in the same fictional universe) to whom SAMCRO sell weapons, and various affiliates in the state prison system, where many members of the club have been incarcerated at one time or another. The club operates out of a clubhouse on the same lot as the Teller-Morrow auto shop. The clubhouse includes a living area (where members sometimes crash for the night), a bar, a pool table, a kitchen, a workout room, and the "chapel", a room with an elaborate conference table made of redwood that has a reaper logo carved into the top. The club also owns a secluded cabin in the woods and formerly had a warehouse outside of town where they assembled the illegal weapons. John Teller and Piermont "Piney" Winston co-founded SAMCRO in 1967 following their return from service as paratroopers during the Vietnam War.[10] Six of the "Redwood Original 9" members were vets; Clay Morrow was the youngest of the original members. John died in 1993, and his widow, Gemma, married Clay. John and Gemma's son, Jackson (Jax), is Vice President of SAMCRO. Jax is also connected to Tara, a doctor at St. Thomas Hospital.

Sutter has said of the Shakespeare element, "I don't want to overplay that but it's there. It was Jax's father who started the club, so he's the ghost in the action. You wonder what he would have made of the way it turned out. It's not a version of Hamlet but it's definitely influenced by it."[11] Ron Perlman believes "they�re going to stick to the structure of Hamlet all the way to the end (of the series)."[12]

In the pilot episode, after they find the warehouse blown up Jax says to Clay "It's not easy being King" and Clay responds "you remember that". In "Fa Guan", Clay makes reference to Hamlet when he states "I'll handle the little prince", regarding Jax. Jax is also referred to as "the prince" by Agent Stahl on at least two occasions, including "Balm" and "The Push". In "Widening Gyre", Tara also refers to Hamlet when she is angry at Jax, telling him "The prince doesn't always get his way." Regarding the legacy of John Teller, Clay says that Jax is "...being haunted by the ghost of his father". During the season 3 finale, it is heavily implied that Gemma and Clay were behind the death of John Teller, reflecting Claudius' involvement in King Hamlet's death.

Season 1

The series begins with the torching of a SAMCRO gun-assembly warehouse and the theft of guns by a rival club, the Mayans. The police attend the scene, where a cop, Tramell, who is on the SAMCRO payroll finds two dead illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, Jax's estranged meth-addicted wife Wendy, who is pregnant with his child, collapses. An emergency C-section is performed and the baby is delivered ten weeks prematurely. Jax struggles with the direction the club is taking, away from its roots and into less legal territory. Gemma tells Wendy that if she tries to gain custody of the child, Abel, that she will kill Wendy, and Gemma supplies her with drugs which Wendy eventually takes and from which she overdoses. Charming Deputy Chief Hale finds the immigrants' bodies at the burnt-out warehouse, but Tig and Bobby remove them before he can forensically examine them. Tara receives a threatening phone call from a former boyfriend and ATF agent, Josh Kohn, who comes to Charming to investigate the Sons.

To solve a gun-trafficking problem under the ATF's watchful eye, the Sons head out to Indian Hills, Nevada to patch over the Devil's Tribe Motorcycle Club. Whilst there, Clay sleeps with a girl named Cherry, who also takes a liking to Half Sack. Kohn follows the Sons, and witnesses their shoot out with the Mayans. Kohn provides Tara pictures of Jax in very compromising places to try and split the two. The Sons soon become aware of Kohn's presence in Charming. Clay is arrested on charges of aiding and abetting a triple homicide after guns the Sons sold were used in a shoot out. Cherry arrives in Charming, and Gemma realizes that Clay has slept with her. Shortly after, Gemma assaults her with a skateboard, for which she is also arrested.

Tara reveals to Jax that Kohn has been stalking her since she broke up with him, and that she has a restraining order on him. Jax throws Kohn through a window before beating him and telling him to stay away from Tara. Kohn is arrested for breaking his restraining order and his career as an ATF agent is over. Kohn returns to Tara's house and attempts to rape her, before she shoots him in the stomach. Jax comes to her aid, but when Kohn calls Tara a "biker slut" Jax shoots him in the head then he and Tara have sex. Jax takes Kohn's body to the hills and later comes back to burn it. He also throws his father's memoir into the fire but quickly takes it back out.

Opie botches a planned assassination that was a favor for the True IRA and Bobby steps in to complete the task. However, their crime is witnessed by a young girl. ATF Agent Stahl tries to crack the unity of the club by interrogating the women associated with the club: Tara, Luann, Donna, and Cherry. Stahl arrests Cherry on outstanding warrants, but Unser aids Cherry, who escapes Charming that night. When Big Otto learns that Stahl is trying to use the RICO Act to bring the club down for racketeering, he violently assaults Stahl. The young girl who witnessed Bobby commit murder provides the ATF with sketches of Bobby and Opie, who are subsequently arrested. Stahl sets up Opie to look like a rat, even though she knows it endangers his life, and Tig and Clay fall for the ploy. They believe Opie has turned informant when they find wire taps in Opie's phone and truck. Clay orders Tig to kill Opie without telling anyone else in the club, however Tig accidentally kills Donna when she is driving Opie's truck.

Clay and Tig set up the shooting to look like the One-Niners shot Donna. However, feeling guilty, Deputy Hale tells Jax that Stahl set up Opie, and Jax subsequently realizes that Clay organized the shooting. The Sons successfully threaten the witness in order to prevent her from testifying. Jax is clearly unhappy remaining under Clay's rule, as he sees Clay as immoral and taking the club from its roots.

Season 2

The season opens with the arrival of a new threat in Charming, white separatists called the League Of American Nationalists (LOAN).[13] LOAN's leader, businessman Ethan Zobelle, and backer, Zobelle's enforcer A.J. Weston, seek to drive the Sons of Anarchy from the town of Charming. To send a message to SAMCRO, Zobelle arranges for the kidnapping and sexual assault of Gemma, with his own daughter, Polly, orchestrating the kidnapping, and Weston and others gang raping Gemma. Gemma chooses to keep silent about her rape.

From prison, Big Otto reaches out to SAMCRO, asking them to help his wife, Luann, and her pornography studio after a raid from law enforcement and intimidation from a rival pornographer, Georgie Caruso, threaten her business. Jax proposes that SAMCRO become partners in Luann�s porn business and offer protection to her and her performers, a move he hopes will raise money for the club legitimately while they rebuild their other revenue streams.

Opie, struggling to deal with Donna�s death, throws himself fully into the MC and, consequently, becomes increasingly distant from his children. Fueled by SAMCRO�s role in Donna�s death, the rift between Clay and Jax continues to widen, with Jax challenging most of Clay's decisions. When a LOAN car bomb nearly kills Chibs, Clay demands immediate retaliation. But retaliation was what LOAN wanted, and several members of the MC, including Clay, Jax, Bobby, and Tig, are arrested in a botched attempt to attack Ethan Zobelle. While in jail, Agent Stahl from the ATF returns in an attempt to get SAMCRO to rat out their IRA connections. Although they do not give up the IRA, Stahl succeeds in provoking Clay and Jax into a physical confrontation in jail. Out on bail, the divisions in the club only get worse. The tension between Jax and Clay reaches a breaking point when the porn studio burns down shortly after Clay announces he wants SAMCRO out of the porn business. Jax initially believes that Clay had the place torched and announces that he is going to "go Nomad". Most of the SAMCRO members are upset with Jax's decision but ultimately vote in favor of his going Nomad. In order to convince Jax to stay, Gemma tells Jax and Clay about Weston raping her, which unites Clay and Jax.

The club, however, nearly falls when Tig, overcome with guilt, confesses to Opie that he murdered Donna because Agent Stahl and the ATF had made it look as though Opie has become a rat. At the same time, Chibs agrees to help Stahl take down the IRA and its head, Jimmy O, who is in town to repair the IRA's relationship with SAMCRO. Based on information supplied by Chibs, the ATF is able to apprehend Edmond Hayes, who they then want to use to apprehend his father, Cameron, and Jimmy O. Opie later witnesses Chibs leaving a meeting with the ATF and informs the club of what he saw but asks them to confront Chibs before acting. Chibs, already having doubts about becoming an informant, reveals to the club what he did.

Meanwhile, the Sons learn that Ethan Zobelle's true intentions are not racially motivated but were to get in business with the Mayans on the prison heroin trade. The MC is able to exploit this information when they reveal it to AJ Weston, who is deeply committed to his racial beliefs and will not tolerate doing business with the Hispanic Mayans. This causes a split between AJ and Zobelle. Weston is soon arrested in connection with the fire at Luann's porn studio. Later, Hale arrives at Impeccable Smokes as the Sons are confronting Zobelle. In attempt to save his and his daughter's lives, Zobelle informs the police that he is in possession of narcotics and is arrested. However, both are released by custody and Unser learns that Zobelle, unbeknownst to both the ATF and Weston, has actually been an FBI informant for the past three years. With the loss of Weston's support, Zobelle turns to the Mayans for protection. Weston, however, is on his own and is eventually gunned down by Jax.

Agent Stahl continues to hold Edmond Hayes in an attempt to use Edmond to lure and arrest his father. Out of loyalty to his father, Edmond attempts to kill Stahl, who shoots him when he tries to escape. Shortly afterward, Polly Zobelle, Ethan's daughter who had been having an affair with Edmond, arrives at the safe house. She has been followed there by Gemma, who then shoots her. Stahl witnesses the shooting and lets Gemma escape but then proceeds to frame her for Edmond's shooting. Falling for the frame and becoming emotionally distraught, Cameron breaks into Jax's home, and stabs Half-Sack before threatening Tara and kidnapping Abel.

Meanwhile the rest of the Sons have ambushed Zobelle and the Mayans, forcing the Mayans to retreat while Zobelle flees on his own. The Sons follow Zobelle, who stays in public places, knowing the Sons will not attack him in the open. Zobelle calls Hale for help, but is ignored. After a strange call from Tara, Jax returns to his home, where he discovers the body of Half-Sack, and finds Tara tied up, and she tells Jax that Cameron has taken Abel. Jax calls Clay who returns to help track down Cameron without killing Zobelle. The Sons pursue Cameron, who makes his way to the docks where he takes Abel and boards his boat. Chief Unser, after receiving a phone call from Gemma, is last seen driving in his police cruiser with her past Charming's city limits, apparently running off with her. Ethan Zobelle is seen quickly getting on a chartered plane back to Budapest without his dead daughter, Polly. The season ends with the Sons arriving just as Cameron is leaving the docks.

Season 3

Days later, Gemma is hiding up north in Rogue River, Oregon with Tig, while the club tries to sort things out in Charming. The club tries to close in on Cameron's trail, but find that he has liquidated his assets and apparently fled the country. Gemma and Tig visit Gemma's father, Nate (Hal Holbrook) who suffers from dementia. At the end of Half-Sack's wake, masked men commit a drive-by shooting. Deputy Hale is fatally run down by the vehicle.

Having fled to Belfast with Abel, Cameron confesses his sins to his cousin Father Ashby, an intermediary between Jimmy O and the True IRA Council. Ashby subsequently has Cameron killed, and suggests he will give Abel up for adoption.

The Sons hire a bounty hunter to try and track down Abel, and they believe he and Cameron are in Vancouver. SAMCRO has a bail hearing for the weapons charges upcoming, but they agree to jump bail. SAMCRO receives an email showing Cameron dead in Belfast.

After Jax consults Jimmy O, SAMCRO believes Abel remained in Vancouver when Cameron left for Belfast. Gemma struggles when she takes Nate to his new assisted living home, and returns to Charming to reunite with her grandson, still unaware he has been kidnapped. Father Ashby's sister Maureen, contacts Gemma at Ashby's request to tell her Abel is safe in Belfast. Upon learning of her grandson's abduction, Gemma suffers an arrhythmia and collapses in the lot of Teller-Morrow. Tara confides in Gemma that she is six weeks pregnant with Jax's child. Jax makes a deal with Stahl behind SAMCRO's back. In exchange for his mother's freedom and the downgrade of the pending weapons charges against the club, Jax will deliver Jimmy O and his IRA contacts. Oswald agrees to smuggle the Sons to Belfast. Jax breaks up with Tara and the next morning Tara walks in on Jax in bed with pornstar Ima.

The recently ousted and humiliated former president of the Calaveras MC, Hector Salazar, begins surveilling Jax and Tara. After finding out that John Teller had an affair in Belfast that produced a daughter, Gemma escapes from police custody with the help of Tara and her boss, Margaret. Tara and Lyla both make appointments at an abortion clinic. Gemma leaves with SAMCRO on their trip to Belfast to find Abel, where Jimmy O already anticipates their arrival.

On SAMCRO's arrival in Ireland, Ashby tells Jax that the IRA are tired of Jimmy's profiteering ways, and suggests Jax kills him in exchange for Abel.

Stahl helps Jax uncover information on Ashby and SAMBEL, and warns him not to kill Jimmy O. SAMCRO plans to surprise Jimmy O on a protection run, but he is forewarned and attacks the Sons with a planted bomb that kills several SAMBEL members. SAMCRO tortures Liam until he reveals that he was privy to Jimmy O's plans, as was McGee. Jax kills him, and shortly after Clay pushes McGee from a rooftop, both revealed to SAMBEL as traitors. Ashby tells Jax the location of Abel, but suggests Jax allow him to be adopted so he is not forced into the club life. Jax chooses to leave the child with the family, until Jimmy O kills the adoptive parents and abducts Abel, intending to exchange him for safe passage to America. Abel is returned to Jax after Ashby trades himself for the baby.

Jacob Hale Jr. uses intimidation tactics to continue urban development in Charming. Salazar abducts Tara and Margaret on their way to the abortion clinic. He informs Piney that he will return them in exchange for the murder of Alvarez and $250,000. Under the influence of Jacob Hale Jr, the San Joaquin Sherriff Department will soon take control of the Charming Police Department. Tara attacks Salazar's girlfriend and negotiates Margaret's freedom. Later, Salazar's girlfriend dies.

With the hearing for weapons charges looming, SAMCRO returns to Charming, with the task of finding Tara. Gemma threatens to reveal Stahl's murder of Edmond unless she ends her dealings with Jax. Salazar takes Jacob Hale Jr hostage along with Tara. Unser indicates the need for Salazar to be captured alive to implicate Hale and save Charming Police Department, but during a stand-off, Jax kills Salazar. Amidst the chaos, Stahl intentionally shoots her partner Tyler to protect her lie. Opie proposes to Lyla. Now in the USA, Jimmy O seeks the help of the Russians to aid his escape to South America. Stahl falsely tells Internal Affairs that Agent Tyler shot Edmond and framed Gemma, admitting that Gemma was wrongfully charged.

Jax and the Sons meet the Russians paying $2 million for the exchange of Jimmy O, although it is counterfeit. Jax tells Stahl the location of the exchange so she can intervene and arrest Jimmy, but Jimmy is moved to a different location before she can. Jax assures her that he will give her Jimmy if she reduces their prison sentence, to which she agrees. Stahl arrives at the clubhouse to arrest Jimmy. When Clay asks how she knew he was there, Stahl indicates that Jax was a rat, at which the club is outraged, calling Jax a "dead man". SAMCRO is arrested and loaded into an ATF van, with Jax feeling isolated.

Unser stops Stahl on the roadside as she transports Jimmy and warns her of an IRA threat further down the road. Her fellow agents leave to investigate, leaving her alone with Unser and Jimmy. Soon after, Piney, Chibs, Opie and Kozik arrive. Chibs gives Jimmy a Glasgow smile, and then kills him. Opie kills Stahl, after reminding her that she was responsible for Donna's death, killing her in a similar fashion. Proof of Jax's dealings with Stahl is destroyed, leaving the club with the documents provided by Stahl to reduce their sentence. The scene is set to look like the IRA are responsible. In the ATF van, Jax learns of Stahl and Jimmy's demise as the prospects following the ATF van ride past and beep as a signal. He smiles, as do the rest of SAMCRO, revealing that the club knew of Jax's plan from the beginning. Tara, meanwhile, finds and reads the letters Maureen had put in Jax's bag. In them, John Teller writes to Mo of his awareness of Gemma and Clay's closeness and his fear that he will soon be murdered by the two. The season ends with Jax rejecting his father's original vision for SAMCRO and embracing Clay's rule.

Season 4

Kurt Sutter has stated that there will be a 14 month time lapse to allow for the majority of SAMCRO's prison sentence to occur offscreen, but is undecided on whether to start the season with them in prison, or after they have been released. [14]"There will be a new mayor, a new chapter and a new sheriff. The 21st century is going to land at SAMCRO's doorstep." Danny Trejo will guest star as Romero �Romeo� Parada, a former Mexican military commando. Rockmond Dunbar and LaMonica Garrett join the cast as Sheriff Eli Roosevelt and Deputy Sheriff Cane respectively. [15] On May 16, 2011 on his official blog, Kurt Sutter announced "Appisodes" that will be mini-episodes available first via the Sons of Anarchy Mobile App and then added to the show's official website and youtube later on. The number of mini-episodes is not confirmed although Kurt Sutter did confirm that the content of those episodes will deal with goings-on during the fourteen month gap between seasons 3 and 4 chronologically.

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