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Sold Out !!!

We are sorry but our Ripsaw glasses are currently unavailable. At this time we have no new arrival dates for restocking of this style. Please click HERE for our many other choices.

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please scroll down !!!

Airsoft Goggle of Choice / Woodworkers Friend

The revolutionary Ripsaw goggle combines a tough polyeurothane foam with a steel mesh lens that protects the eyes effectively from flying wood-chips, debris and works wonders for Airsoft pellets without the threat of fogging. As a mattrer of fact, it is impossible for this goggle to fog over, ever as the lenses are steel mesh. The molded polycarbonate frame is constructed to match the bone structure of the workers/enthusiasts face providing a complete seal and can be worn comfortably for hours. The stainless steel, rust resistant, mesh is available in three mesh sizes that apply to whatever kind of work you are performing, deser mesh, such as 20-30 mesh for airsoft, and anywhere from 10-30 when woodworking depending on if your in the shop with finer debris, or cutting logs and chipping limbs in the field. Steel Mesh allows the worker excellent vision without the possibility of fogging. Plus, it allows better air circulation for a cooler working environment. In the woods, Ripsaw particle goggles protect the lumbermans eyes from flying debris due to chainsaws, chippers or heavy equipment and keeps Airsoft enthusiasts eyes safe while eliminating fogging due to perspiration while in the midst of heavy combat :).


  • Size: ALL
  • Tough Polycarbonate foam lining
  • Steel mesh lens, ZERO fogging
  • Rust resistant lenses
  • Protects from flying debris
  • Come with a FREE soft pouch
Mesh Options (opening per inch):
  • 10 Mesh
  • 20 Mesh
  • 30 Mesh

Loggers Choice

Good for hunting use to, here is Tristan Guest
one of our customers, who added camoflage to the
ripsaw goggles... awesome :)


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